Sludge Thickening by DAF

KWI manufactures DAF units specially designed for biological sludge thickening in both municipal sewage treatment plants and industrial WWTPs. Sedicell and Megacell are especially designed for sludge thickening. These innovative DAF units are a compact solution, robust and easy to operate. Even start-up and shut-down phases do not modify their performance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Design allows tank construction in stainless steel or in concrete

  • High floated sludge consistency (up to 6%) is easy to achieve and maintain

  • Insensitive to flow variations or the quality of incoming effluents

  • Lower chemical consumption, none for Sedicell®

  • Smaller foot print

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Most Requested Solutions

Sedicell and Megacell

  • Sedicell can produce flow rates up to 2,200 m3/h

  • Megacell features patented U-lamella technology




  • Start-up and shut-down phases do not modify their performance

  • Robust and easy to operate

  • No sludge bulking problem

  • Prevents the release of phosphorus during the thickening phase

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