With global rising standards for water discharge and reuse, clients are often facing tight budgets and the need to increase capacity with no additional physical footprint. Retrofitting an existing tank is often times the best solution for achieving the highest cost-benefit ratio at the lowest life cycle cost.


  • KWI provides retrofit services to clients to retrofit their existing sedimentation tanks to a tank with DAF flotation capabilities. Our DAF units can clarify raw water at a loading rate two times higher than a conventional design.

V-type Denitrification Filter

  • Existing V-type filtration tanks can be retrofitted to a V-type denitrification filter tank. KWI services are very cost-effective, efficient and effective at improving TP, TN, and SS removal rates.

Biological Aerated Filter

  • Existing sedimentation tanks can be retrofitted for biological oxidation and SS removal in one structure which eliminates the need for a secondary sedimentation tank.

Ceramic MBR

  •  Retrofitting for a ceramic MBR offers two main advantages, including expanding capacity using existing facilities and producing very high quality treated effulent.

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