Wet Sludge Management

KWI sludge management is specialized based on the moisture content of the sludge. Wet sludge management is designed for 60%-80% moisture level sludge and includes auxiliary equipment such as sludge silo, hydraulic sliding framework and wet sludge pumps.

Wet Sludge Management

Auxiliary Equipment Sludge Storage Tank

The sludge storage tank is manufactured using carbon steel and anti-corrosive, wear-resisting epoxy resin.

Auxiliary Equipment Sludge Storage Tank

After the sludge is measured by the weighbridge, it is transported to the unloading storage tank by a dedicated truck.

Auxiliary Equipment Hydraulic Sliding Framework

The hydraulic sliding framework is designed to incorporate a hydraulic pump station, hydraulic pipe and sliding framework. This equipment pushes the sludge to the tank outlet to avoid partial bridging.

Auxiliary Equipment Wet Sludge Transportation

Screw pump

  • Suitable for sludge transporation at >70% moisture content

  • Low cost

  • Need to regularly replace rotor and blades

Plunger pump

  • Suitable for sludge transportation at >60% moisture content

  • Relatively high cost

  • Do not need to replace paAuxiliary Equipment Wet Sludge Transportation
    rts as regularly

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