Thin Film Dryer

The thin film dryer is a versatile patented technology that can be applied for municipal sludge, industrial sludge and chemical sludge drying. Combined with incineration, landfill and other technologies, our thin film dryer can achieve waste reduction and other resource requirements surrounding waste management.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High heat transfer efficiency:The thin layer sludge (5-10 mm) can be dried rapidly.

  • Short sludge residence time:about 20 mins

  • Solve sludge viscosity effectively :Based on  unique design, TFD can operate normally in the viscous zone (moisture content 45%-55%) without blockage.

  • Easy maintenance: Unique structural design, easy equipment maintenance, no need for crane installation, and lower civil construction cost

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TFD Mechanism

1. Wet Sludge is thrown onto the inner wall of the heating jacket through centrifugal force.

2. Wet Sludge is scraped into a thin layer (thickness: 5-10 mm) by the blade.

3. Thin layer sludge is dried by steam in the intermediate space of jacket.

4. Dry sludge is pushed in TFD from head to tail by the blade.

Thin Film Sludge Drying Technical Process

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