Unicell BF

The Unicell Big Flow is KWIs solution for big water flows. It is a well-proven technology for seawater desalination pre-treatment, for surface drinking water production and tertiary waste water treatment. Typically the Unicell BF technology is used in multiple cells and is perfectly customizable. The pressure relief is made through special diffusers, generating very fine micro bubbles. Each one of these diffusers can be disassembled and removed individually without interrupting the plant operation.

Unicell BF is available in 10 sizes for flows from 750 to 3000 m³/h.

KWI Unicell Big Flow DAF unit

Main advantages:

  • Clarification of large water flows
  • Perfectly suitable for multiple concrete cell arrangement
  • Minimum interconnection pipes and instrumentation
  • Only seawater resistant materials for desalination application
  • Small footprint


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Main applications:

  • The Unicell BF is suitable for the clarification of large fresh or seawater flows, including coagulation and flocculation process
  • Drinking water production from fresh or sea water is a typical application for the Unicell BF technology. During the warm season, these waters might contain a significant amount of algae and organic matter that is particularly difficult to separate by sedimentation. Dissolved air flotation technology gives excellent clarification efficiency before the granular media filtration step
  • Drinking water production from borehole water might also require a first clarification step before sand filtration to prevent the occasional increase in the turbidity and extend the operation cycle of the sand filters
  • Tertiary treatment for hard COD and phosphorus removal

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