Other Technologies

Water treatment can be very comprehensive. Therefore, we are all the more eager to meet the challenges of our customers and to provide the best technologies in the field of water treatment. In addition to our DAF clarifiers, we are also producing sand filters and an efficient sedimentation solution. Produced in our facility in Austria, they are synonymous with highest quality and durability and a long lifetime.

As a longtime expert in water treatment, we are sensitive to customer requirements and know what our customers need. We put all our energies into the continuous development and qualitative production of our units, as it takes a lot of dedication to ensure KWI quality. A water treatment process can require more and as part of an internationally successful company construct, we work together with experts from a wide variety of water treatment technologies, including upstream and downstream process steps.

Our comprehensive range of technologies enables us to provide you with the most efficient solutions for your water treatment challenge. Let us know your challenge, whether you need a single unit, or a bespoke process package to cover more parts of the process, until complete water treatment plants. Our water treatment experts will prepare you an offer with the most suitable solution.

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