Megacell V

The heart of the Megacell V is a vertical range of special “U” shaped elements that allows the use of both co-current and counter-current lamella clarification. The result is a very high hydraulic and solids capacity with excellent clarification efficiency occupying a minimal footprint. The Megacell V is extremely simple from a mechanical point of view – there is one single motor driving the spiral scoop and the carriage. There are no other moving parts.

Megacell V units are available in 12 sizes for flows from 25 to 1250 m3/hr.

KWI DAF in sludge thickening application

Main advantages:

  • Extremely low footprint versus flow- rate
  • High energy efficiency – very high level of clarification with significantly lower pressurisation rate compared to traditional DAF clarifiers
  • Reduces polymer consumption to the minimum by achieving optimal flocculation with extended mixing time in the presence of air bubbles and polymer


Product sheet

KWI Megacell Vertical

Main applications:

  • White water clarification and fibre recovery in the paper industry
  • Clarification of de-inking effluents
  • Clarification of industrial effluents in combination with physical-chemical treatment