Megacell H

The heart of the Megacell H is a horizontal range of special “U” shaped elements that allows the use of both co-current and counter-current lamella clarification. The result is a very high hydraulic and solids capacity with excellent clarification efficiency. The Megacell H is equipped with high performance and mechanically strong floated sludge removal device. The scraping and the sludge extraction are separated in order to provide optimal fulfilment of these functions. This combination avoids the use of rubber gaskets commonly used in conventional scrapers pushing and extracting the floated sludge. Megacell H is typically designed with a conical bottom. The device is designed for maximum efficiency with practically no maintenance.

Megacell H units are available in 16 sizes for flows from 25 to 1250 m3/hr.


Main advantages:

  • Extremely compact and efficient clarifier – with surface hydraulic loading rate up to 30 m/h
  • Lower capital cost versus traditional rectangular units for equal flows
  • Highly energy efficient – very high level of clarification with significantly lower pressurisation rate compared to traditional DAF clarifiers
  • Minimises polymer consumption by optimising flocculation with extended mixing time in the presence of air bubbles and polymer


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Main applications:

  • White water clarification and fibre recovery in the paper industry
  • Clarification of de-inking effluents
  • Clarification of food and industrial effluents in combination with physical-chemical treatment
  • Biological tertiary treatment

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