DAF Units

With more than 10 Dissolved Air Flotation equipment offerings, KWI has the most complete and widest range of DAF prodcuts of any DAF provider globally. Such a diverse product offering, coupled with accurate and experienced design engineering, delvered via quality manufacturing and supported by excellent customer support, has consistently allowed KWI to meet all the needs of our customers and be on of the wold‘s leading suppliers for DAF solutions.


KWI provides three different types of pressurization system: ADV, ADT and our latest innovation, the ADR. With the ADR finest air bubbles with a size of 30 to 50 mµ can be generated to gain the most efficient flotation. That means, we are able to provide 30 different water treatment solutions, only with the DAF technology.

DAF units for big flows

With our 70 years of experience, we are able to construct the most reliable DAF units worldwide. All our units are made of stainless steel to gain a high durability. KWI is very flexible: you can choose between an individual unit or a fully bespoke system. Both options promise high quality engineering and cost effectiveness. Together with our 18 subsidiaries and partners, KWI is able to provide a global service. This includes also upgrades and retrofits of existing equipment. On a final note, it is to consider that KWI has the widest range of DAF equipment all over the world.

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