The Sedilamella comprises a stainless steel tank in which individual plastic plates are supported and inclined at the optimum angle of 60°. Two different models are available with either a 50 mm or 80 mm gap between the plates and the choice of model depends on the application. The capacity depends on the settling velocity of the particles to be removed. The size of the sludge collection hopper is maximised in the KWI design to allow sludge thickening by compression and reduce the length of the time the sludge discharge pump needs to run.

Sedilamella is available in 11 sizes for flows from 5 to 220 m³/h.

KWI Sedilamella

Main advantages:

  • Lower capital cost than conventional settlement clarifiers
  • Smaller foot print than conventional settlement clarifiers
  • Stainless steel tank delivered in one piece to reduce site construction time
  • Can be supplied with integral flocculation tank & mixer
  • Large solids hopper to increase sludge consistency by competition


Product sheet

KWI Sedilamella

Main applications:

Suitable for all applications where sedimentation is the preferred technology