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The Minicell is the simplest and the smallest DAF clarifier in the KWI product line. It is designed for small flows.

Main advantages:

  • Very competitive price.
  • Simple operation.
  • Excellent performance with “difficult” and “fragile” sludge quality – the sludge blanket does not move and the risk of having “sinking flocs” is negligible (the sludge is not pushed to the sludge extraction device as the spiral scoop is travelling around the sludge blanket).
  • 3 different tank heights available (choice according to the application).

Main applications:

  • Excess biological sludge clarification and thickening before further de-watering for small installations – excellent application in case of biological phosphorous removal. This reduce also the polymer consumption in the sludge de-watering system.
  • Industrial effluents from the food industry in combination with chemical treatment.
  • Industrial low flow effluents.

The tank and the construction of the Minicell™ can be adapted to the application and to the effluent. The depth of the tank varies according to the type of the effluent, the inlet solid concentration and the requirements of the application (clarification with or without chemicals, sludge thickening,…)

Minicell™ is available in 10 sizes from 16 to 450 m3/hr.


* The maximum flow includes recycle flow and is dependent on suspended solids loading and the application!

Type Motor scoop
Motor carriage
Ø A (mm) B (mm) Weight tons
(full of water)
MNC6 0,25 1850 1000/1500 3/4,3
MNC8 0,25 2400 1000/1500 5/7,2
MNC10 0,37 3200 1000/1500/2000 8/11,5/15
MNC12 0,55 3900 1000/1500/2000 12/18/24
MNC15 0,55 4500 1000/1500/2000 15/23/31
MNC18 0,75 0,75 5500 1500/2000 34/46
MNC20 0,75 0,75 6100 1500/2000 42/57
MNC22 1,5 1,5 6100 1500/2000 51/68
MNC24 1,5 1,5 7200 1500/2000 60/85
MNC30 2,2 2,2 9000 1500/2000 108/140