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Filtration Rack by ITM
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Ceramic Flat Membranes are the best choice in MBR process!
In addition to that, you can use it in applications for drinking water and sea water pretreatment.

If you need a compact and robust system with high lifetime and high performances, this system has the best features in this parameters.

Main advantages:

  • Minimum OPEX.
  • Minimum chemical consumption
  • High life time of system: +20 years
  • Worldwide references
  • Low chemical cleaning required, minimum CIP
  • Low service
  • Low maintainance

Quick facts:

  • Robust disinfection of treated water
  • Compact plant design with consideration of peak rain cases (high storm water flow)
  • Pre-fabricated EMC skid concept for fast installation at site
  • Treatment and removal of COD/BOD, Nitrogen or Phosphorus.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexible arrangements
  • Waste water reuse for irrigation, toilet flushes, car wash, process water for industry
  • Fixed number of Filtration Modules per Filtration Tower and four Filtration Towers  per Filtration Rack.
  • Integrated air scouring system, filtered water & backwash piping and Sprinkler system.

This Ceramic Flat Membrane® ideally combines the robustness of sand filters and filtration quality of polymeric membranes, offering high resistance against chemical substances, pressure changes and temperature changes.


Type* Filtration towers Modules per tower Total Filtration Area (m2) Height (mm) Width (mm) Lenght (mm) Weight (tons)
Filtration Rack Mini 4 10 160 1.910 732 2.350 17,5
Filtration Rack 4 14 224 2.470 732 2.350 22,5

* Other No. of Filtration Modules upon request