With more than 10 Dissolved Air Flotation equipment offerings, KWI has the most complete and widest range of DAF products of any DAF provider globally. Such a diverse product offering, coupled with accurate and experienced design engineering, delivered via quality manufacturing and supported by excellent customer support, has consistently allowed KWI to meet all the needs of our customers and be one of the world’s leading suppliers for DAF solutions.

Lamella Settler™
KS Filter™
Unicell BF
Filtration Rack by ITM
Megacell® H
Klaricell RJ ®
Megacell® V

The product range of our group includes far more. In addition to flotation units, we also offer several kinds of filtration units and Powdered Chemical Feeding Systems.

Therefore, we enable our customers access to a comprehensive range of system solutions, provided through process packages.  For more information on our filtration technology, please have a look at the brochures below.


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KWI Minicell MNC6
Fully refurbished MNC 6 available on stock, pefect for biological sludge clarification, applications in food indusctry, ...
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