Visit of our SAF 55 BP in operation on site in Malaysia

Visit of our SAF 55 BP in operation on site in Malaysia

The WTP located about 280 km south of Kuala Lumpur treats surface water into drinking water for the complete area of Kluang.

The DAF unit – a SAF 55 BP – has been installed through our partner Techkem, upstream of the existing system – a conventional WTP. The raw water is coming from the lake close to the plant. The main problem is Algae, which is best removed with the DAF process.

Some parameters will give you greater insight into this case:

Total Flow: 75,000 m³/day
Flow SAF 55: 1,350 m³/h (30,000 m³/day)

The complete construction and installation incl. the fabrication of the KWI SAF, was completed in less than 20 weeks – a very fast and impressive schedule.

Not only a quick implementation has to be highlighted! The DAF system further shows much better results in operation with much lower maintenance effort than their old system. Thus the customer is completely satisfied with our installation.

In addition, the improvements are that excellent, that Polymer addition is not required anymore, reducing the operating costs.

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