KS Filter

The backwash of the sand is the most important process parameter for this type of filter. The sand is taken from the bottom and is pumped by an airlift into the washing chamber. From there it falls back on the top of the sand bed. The quality of the filtered water depends on the size of the sand and on the sand backwash rate. Therefore the KS Filter is equipped with a sophisticated and carefully sized double backwash facility. This design allows a wide variation and fine setting of the backwash parameters.

KS Filter is available in 10 sizes: 1,5 to 7 m2 filtration area with 1 or 2 m deep sand filter.

KWI KS Filter

Main advantages:

  • Gives excellent filtered water quality using double backwash device
  • Simple and maintenance-free operation
  • Complete peripheral equipment and accessories allow perfect operational control and fine setting of the backwash

Product sheet

KWI DAF in drinking water application

Main applications:

  • Surface water treatment to potable quality
  • Tertiary treatment. Process water preparation
  • Process water recycling
  • Algae removal

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