Service & Upgrades

All our service and commissioning technicians are fully trained in house to work on both KWI equipment and legacy brands such as Krofta. We are often called in to refurbish older KWI equipment that has outlived the original facility but is still in working order many decades later.

We are incredibly proud to maintain a full archive of drawings and parts lists of every item of equipment delivered by KWI dating from the early 1970s.

KWI service team on site

Our possibilities – your benefits:

  • Modifications
  • New innovations/designs
  • New materials
  • We have the knowledge
  • We have the papers and drawings
  • Impressive reference list
  • 7,000 installations over the last 70 years
  • Sensorics – SMART DAF

You need a service for your KWI equipment? Please get in touch with our  After Sales Service

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