Pilot units

Our previous experience and knowledge database built up over decades, with more than 7,000 DAF units supplied means we can offer our customers real and achievable performance indicators without the need for piloting. For unique applications, we can provide both laboratory testing and/or larger pilot plants to support our sizing and performance guarantees.

KWI pilot unit SPC 06

KWI Pilot unit SPC 06



Biological sludge clarification and thickening
All process water clarification in the paper industry

KWI pilot unit MCV 01

KWI Pilot unit MCV 01



Paper industry and industrial effluents


KWI pilot unit MCH 01

KWI Pilot unit MCH 01



Paper industry
Industrial effluents
Biological tertiary treatment


KWI pilot unit ECC 06 skid version

KWI Pilot unit ECC 06 Skid



Food industry
Oil-fat & grease removal

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