The biological aerated filter combines biological oxidation and SS interception in one system. This highly efficient solution eliminates the need for a secondary sedimentation.

Biological Aerated Filter

Main advantages:

  • Higher concentration of organisms and organic load
  • Simple process with good quality of effluent
  • High capability of surge load resistance
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Bio-film forms easily and quick commissioning
  • Reasonable structure of flora
  • Short hydraulic retention time and smaller volume of tank and footprint
  • Low infrastructure investment, low operation cost and energy consumption
Biological Aerated Filter

Main applications:

Secondary and tertiary treatment in the following kind of waste water:

  • Municipal sewage
  • Food processing waste water
  • Brewery waste water
  • Papermaking waste water
  • Printing and dyeing waste water
  • Upgrading of dewage and waste water treatment plant