Pulp & Paper

Dissolved Air Flotation is considered very efficient and is widely used in treating white water, TMP filtrates and wastewater for pulp and paper industry. The main application of KWI DAF units in paper mills:

For whitewater treatment, DAF can be used to separate solids/water and recover fibres and clean water which can be reused in the paper and pulping process. In wastewater and filtration application, DAF can also remove suspended fillers, fibre and other sludge. The Megacell Horizontal or Vertical (MCH or MCV) are one of the best solutions.These innovative DAF units are a compact solution, robust and easy to operate. Even start-up and shut-down phases do not modify their performance.

Pulp and Paper

Key features and benefits:

  • High TSS removal efficiency: 96%-99%
  • High hydraulic load: up to 80m3/(m2.h)
  • High sludge load: up to 70 kg/(m2.h)
  • Small footprint
  • Less energy and chemical consumption
  • High sludge concentration: up to 5% of solid content


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