Municipal Sewage

Effluent from municipal WWTPs usually contains excessive phosphorus and needs further treatment to meet emission standards.

KWI DAF system is a robust solution that is easy to operate and is especially efficient in phosphorus removal. FLOTOFILTER is highly recommended for municipal sewage dephosphorization. This unique combined process is a compact system which guarantees very good results in tertiary treatment and dephosphorization, as proven in many KWI projects.

Municipal Sewage

Key features and benefits:

  • Can reduce the use of reagents by 10-20%
  • Smaller footprint than conventional DAF + media filter
  • High phosphorus sludge concentration: up to 3% of solid content
  • Sludge can be dewatered directly
  • Combined with filtration for even higher efficiency
  • Suitable for revamping existing WWTPs


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