Training on DAF for seawater desalination pre-treatment

Training is a high-priority at KWI – and we are continuously learning from the best minds!

As part of a training series, our application manager Dr. Kerschberger, held a technical training session on DAF for seawater
desalination pre-treatment.

DAF is the superior protection against harmful algae attacks by

  • avoiding cell rupture of algae during clarification
  • reducing irreversible fouling at and Clean in Place for UF Pre-Treatment or RO membranes
  • and the ability to handle heavy algae attacks.

Are you planning a desalination project? KWI offers excellent solutions. Together with Ceramic Filtration Membranes we provide a total process package for clarification and desalination of seawater.

In case of specific questions about this topic, you can contact Dr. Kerschberger directly via email: peter.kerschberger@kwi-intl.com or call him at +43 4227 3266 16.

For any other questions please contact us by email: office-at@kwi-intl.com.
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