Schlagwort 'dissovled air flotation'

  • September 19, 2019

    4th Sustainable Water Management Conference in Belgrade

    The wastewater sector in major parts of the Danube region requires appropriate treatment technologies in order to ensure a proper life standard and reach EU regulations. At the conference our KWI representatives Nebojsa Lackovic and Zvonko Kren explained why the well-proven dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology is one of the leading approaches in water and wastewater treatment: DAF clarifies more water than settling, given the same area DAF operates with ¼ of the retention time compa…

  • September 19, 2019

    Training on DAF for seawater desalination pre-treatment

    Training is a high-priority at KWI – and we are continuously learning from the best minds! As part of a training series, our application manager Dr. Kerschberger, held a technical training session on DAF for seawater desalination pre-treatment. DAF is the superior protection against harmful algae attacks by avoiding cell rupture of algae during clarification reducing irreversible fouling at and Clean in Place for UF Pre-Treatment or RO membranes and the ability to handle heavy algae att…