Another completion of KWI’s unique DAFF unit

A Klaricell is currently being completed in our workshop in Austria. This Klaricell 24 will be installed in a paper mill in Spain. Our client has developed an innovative product to produce biodegradable wipe.

In his new process chain, the client needs a high quality water. As historical player in this industry, the client’s factory has very limited available space for the new production chain line. KWI Klaricell is perfectly adapted for such reliable high quality water in a compact footprint. The combination of DAF clarification, with the capacity to remove significant amounts of solids, along with fine double media sand filtration, giving excellent filtration quality in a single clarifier, is a reliable and economical solution for these applications.

This is the second Klaricell sold by KWI in the last 6 months in the paper industry. Moreover in 2019 KWI has delivered 4 project in paper industry positioning KWI as world leader water expert in this industry.