KWI DAF Technology and Techkem Water: complete solution for Muda Paper Mill

The plant is designed to treat a wastewater flow of 15,000 m3/day with the following inlet values:

BOD: 1200 mg/l, COD: 3000 mg/l, TSS: 1800 mg/l.

Techkem Water, who are one of the major suppliers of water & waste water treatment technologies in Malaysia are leading the project with the support of Eurochem Thailand. Both company have many years’ experience in pulp and paper mill plant and have officially represented KWI International over 25 years.

The success of the Megacell and Supercell DAF clarifiers supplied by KWI International comes from the companies many years of experience in supplying the pulp and paper industry. The equipment has provided a very compact and efficient fiber separation with low operating and maintenance costs.

The plant is completed by a secondary biological treatment stream resulting in effluent being discharged with the following outlet values:

BOD: 5-12 mg/l, COD: 30-60 mg/l, TSS: 2-20 mg/l.

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